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The Smartbox Story

The incident

Back in the early 2000s, the Smartbox founders had a milk delivery franchise, and with it, a good sized delivery truck. When friends were moving home or office, or putting things in storage, their trusty truck was often called on for active duty (not to mention able bodies). As a result they became rather skilful at packing, moving and storing things.

Then one day, a stranded family member called from the middle of a house full of boxes, frantically needing help after being let down by their local moving company.

The idea

This was when they decided to research the industry. They soon discovered that, despite the huge demand, there was no easy, hassle-free, reliable solution to moving and storage out there. So they created one.

The solution

Smartbox was born in 2006, from a simple idea to solve moving and storage problems by bringing the secure storage to the customers, and backing it up with a fantastic service. Ever since its conception, people have loved the Smartbox concept because it saved them a world of time, effort and stress.

Grace Group became the new owners of Smartbox in 2015; with a vision to apply their extensive experience within the removals and storage industry through the unique model Smartbox had created to deliver the best mobile self storage service in Australia.

Nearly a decade later, Smartbox self storage in Sydney and Melbourne is helping clients with their unique personal and business storage needs.

The End? Not even close. We’re just getting started!

Customers first!

Teamwork is what drives us. We realise that without you, our customers, we wouldn’t be here!

When it comes to business, Smartbox has a practical, down to earth approach, where customers always come first.

Hassle free self storage

Smartbox provides an easy mobile storage solution where the storage unit is brought to you. You have one day (24 hours) to pack your belongings in your own time. We then pick up the Smartbox and store it in our secure storage facility.

If you need to access your belongings, that’s easy too! We can bring your Smartbox back for a day, or you can come and visit us at our storage facility. It’s quick, convenient and completely reliable, making Smartbox the smart storage choice!

Quality focus

As a company we are committed to delivering quality moving and storage solutions with superior customer service. Our goal is to provide the kind of service you will recommend to your family and friends. Throughout your stay with us, we are here to help you.

Our values

We have a few values that are key to everything we do. They are:

1. People first
2. Can do
3. Outside the box
4. Efficiency
5. Totally trustworthy

Smartbox is proud to be a member of the Australasian Self Storage Association.

If you have any questions, please contact us or call us on 1300 880 800.

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