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7 key downsizing tips

June 21, 2021
Is your home looking like an empty nest? Are you thinking of moving to a smaller home? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Research from the Productivity Commission* found that approximately 20%
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Tips for Packing Bottles of Wine

June 4, 2021
Unless you are getting professionals to pack your precious wine collection, you will need to take special care to ensure that it is packed properly to preserve the wine’s character and
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Packing supplies you will need when storing your household goods

May 20, 2021
Packing up and storing your household or office is a daunting task that needs a lot of forethought and organisation. Knowing what you will need is the first step in the
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Things to consider when you store or move furniture

May 7, 2021
Whether you are relocating, storing or just rearranging your furniture, moving heavy furniture around is a major concern. We have some suggestions that you could adopt to reduce the stress and
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SmartBox in 4 easy steps - Infographic

May 4, 2021
You have excess retail stock, not enough room for all your household goods, or you are moving offices and need some short-term or long-term storage. With four easy steps you can book
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Storing clothes in a storage unit

May 3, 2021
Whether it is a lack of space or you just have too many clothes, one way to resolve the issue is to hire a mobile storage unit. The benefit to renting
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Smartbox Mobile Self Storage Solutions by Grace

April 22, 2021
Don't let hoarding cause you relationship issues. Book yourself a Smartbox and save your marriage and possibly some valuable collections in the process. Watch the attached video on how Will and
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The challenges of accessing mobile storage in the inner city

April 21, 2021
Living in the inner city has its advantages with plentiful access to vibrant shopping and eating strips, not to mention a choice of schools, entertainment facilities and convenient public transport options.
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Benefits of using self-storage units for businesses

April 8, 2021
If you lack office space, but the rental for new premises is too expensive, then storage units are the ideal option. More often, moving premises is more than expensive rental costs.
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Make the most of the Easter Break with your family

March 29, 2021
Children need to have a sense of belonging and to feel loved.  Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to connect with family and develop those strong bonds that will last for a
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