Here at Smartbox, we think we’re pretty awesome. And while we could go on and on about ourselves, we thought you might like to hear about the experience of one of our customers.

Stacey is currently renovating her home, and between builders and painters, plumbers and electricians, she was too busy to even think about what to do with her stuff while these teams made some major modifications to her house.

Now, Stacey doesn’t have a trailer or a moving van just lying around for situations like these, and how many of us do? She called around and was quickly overwhelmed by the task ahead. She would have to hire a van from one place,How drive it home and pack it, drive it to her local storage company, unpack the van and then drive it back to the hiring depot. And then once the renovations were done, she’d have to do it all again.

Anyone who’s rented a van or a truck before knows that it’s like fighting the clock, trying to get everything done before you need to return the vehicle. That’s packing your boxes safely into the vehicle, driving to the storage site, unpacking everything and hoping you don’t have too many trips before getting it back before late fees start to apply, let alone the fear of driving an unfamiliar vehicle laden with your personal possessions.

Then Stacey found Smartbox, and it was love at first sight. She had a module delivered on a Friday, spent the weekend packing it with the help of her husband, before it was picked up again on Monday morning. No rushing, no packing and unpacking over and over again, just a steady weekend of packing beds, sofas, chests, dining table and chairs, bric-a-brac and a wealth of kids toys that would only get in the way once the tradespeople hit.

She was happy in the knowledge that Smartboxes are made of breathable materials, meaning her belongings were protected from any changes in temperature and humidity. They’re also sustainable pine, keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. Delivered on a fully covered and lockable trailer, the Smartbox is safe from all weather even when sitting in your driveway.

Better than that, Stacey was pretty happy with the Smartbox team as well, saying “they were an amazing bunch to deal with, very informative and immediately put me at ease about the task ahead – they made it sound so easy, and actually it was, with renovating a house that is fraught with issues so it was brilliant to know that this part was taken care of without a seconds thought”.

While Stacey is still waiting for the finishing touches to be put on her home, she has peace of mind knowing her belongings are waiting for her when it’s all done.

If you’re thinking of renovating, moving, or just need somewhere to store the Christmas tree and decorations that isn’t the corner of the garage, contact Smartbox today.

Read these great tips to keep your belongings safe during transport and storage and save space.

  • Good packing and padding are key when moving your belongings. It’s much cheaper to get good packaging than to replace things that break. We sell a range of packing supplies to help you which can be collected from our storage facility in Sydney or Melbourne, or delivered to you. See our boxes and supplies range, purchase it online or call us on 1300 880 800.
  • Please use the loading ramp supplied to load your belongings into your Smartbox. This is stored under the SmartTrailer for you to place over the ramp lock on the SmartTrailer.
  • Plan your loading before you start. It will be quicker and less tiring for you and safer for your belongings.
  • Start loading your Smartbox with heavy appliances and load them on the floor against the far wall of your Smartbox. Put further heavy items on the floor toward the rear of the Smartbox where the sign states “please store heavy items here”. Save the space above for lighter items.
  • Furniture should be up off the floor. Long pieces of furniture (e.g. sofas and tables) can be stored along the sides of the Smartbox. If they are small enough they can be stood on end and anchored into place with other large, heavy items.
  • Ensure lighter items and boxes marked “fragile” are stored on top and secure them using bungies or ties to the eyelets inside the Smartbox. Load all your belongings as tightly as reasonably possible to reduce shifting, rubbing and puncturing during transit.
  • When packing your Smartbox, be generous with moving pads, blankets and padding and place cardboard under anything that may be scuffed or soiled by moving directly on the floor of the Smartbox.
  • Remember to use pillows, stuffed toys and moving pads as well as additional bubble wrap or padding to fill all gaps and spaces.
  • Remember to padlock your Smartbox on the two latches provided before you close the SmartTrailer!

There are also some items which you are prohibited from storing in a Smartbox. You can see our list of prohibited items, or you can contact us for more information about prohibited items.

Do you ever wish you had an extra room for all your extra stuff? Are you looking for an inexpensive and convenient temporary or long-term storage option? Smartbox brings revolutionary storage solutions directly to your front door at home or work. It has never been easier or more efficient to package and store your personal belongings than it is today with our portable storage unit.

Our self storage units save you time and money.

Compared to some traditional self storage options, our solutions can save you up to 50 percent off the normal expenses. We can even provide package products to ensure your things are kept secure and orderly with uniform unit sizes.

Traditional self storage involves packaging your goods, loading them into a rental van and driving across town to a facility. Once you arrive, you must unload your packages into the storage locker and drive back home. It takes a lot of energy and expense on your part. With a self storage unit through Smartbox, you pack and load once and never have to leave your home. We deliver the unit, transport your belongings to our secure location and safeguard your items until you need them.

Using a portable storage unit is more convenient than a traditional locker.

You can book your unit online or in person, whichever fits into your schedule best. A unit is delivered to you for loading. No rush to load the unit – we allow 24 hours before we return to pick up the unit and take it to our storage facility. Whenever you need access you simply call for a delivery or you may come to our Smartbox office for access to your belongings. We request one day’s notice if you wish to have the unit delivered.

Since your goods are stored exactly as you load them, there is never a need to unload the unit until you no longer need the extra space.

Portable storage units are safe and secure.

Our system provides multiple layers of protection for your items. You are the only one with a key to your unit. We sell padlocks or you may supply your own. Access to your property is only allowed with proper identification and your personal password. In addition, our units are trailer mounted and during non-transportation times a trailer wheel clamp is attached to one tyre and the hitch is secured to prevent unauthorized towing. Every step of the way, we work with you to ensure your property is safeguarded against theft and damage.

Whether you are moving across town or out of the area, we can help you move with less stress, fewer expenses and convenient access to your personal belongings. Business owners may choose to use a personal storage unit to house stock or archive documents. Business or pleasure, the solutions are designed to help you manage your life more efficiently.

When you need a stress free and cost effective self storage solution, it’s time to think outside-the-box. Smartbox is a revolutionary mobile storage solution that takes the hassle out of securely storing and moving your valuable possessions.

How does Smartbox work?

It’s simple! Smartbox is delivered directly to your home or office. You have 24 hours to pack up and lock your Smartbox unit. Then, we return to collect your unit and take it to our secure storage facility.

Smartbox features


If you need access to your Smartbox, you can schedule a visit to our facility at your convenience, as many times as you like at no charge. When you are ready to have the contents of your unit returned, you simply arrange for us to bring your Smartbox back to you. Your items never leave the unit you packed them into initially!

Ease of Access

Each Smartbox is delivered to you in a lockable aluminium trailer that is fully protected from the weather. A Big Box measures approximately 3m long x 1.8m wide x 2.4m high. In general, you can fit the contents of a 1 to 2 bedroom home into one unit, or for business needs, about 130 standard size archive boxes will fit into one Big Box. A Baby Box measures approximately 1.8m long x 1.8m wide x 2.1m high. In general, you can fit the contents of a studio to 1 bedroom home into one unit, or for business needs, about 90 standard size archive boxes will fit into one Baby Box. For ease in loading and unloading, the Smartbox floor is only 40 centimetres above ground level, and a ramp is built into each trailer. You can use your own packing boxes or we can provide an assortment of different size boxes for you.


Smartbox is a proud member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia so you can trust our services and feel confident when booking your Smartbox online.

For the smartest, most efficient storage ideas anywhere, Smartbox is the solution for personal and commercial storage problems.

Our safe and convenient storage units are delivered directly to you for packing and we simply pick them up and store them for you until you are ready for them again.

Smartbox is your cheap storage answer in the Sydney or Melbourne area. You have access to your Smartbox when you need it. When you are ready for your Smartbox to be returned to you, simply call and organise a time for us to deliver it. We are able to keep our costs low and offer you the cheap storage you need by letting the customer do the packing and unpacking. We are your storage solution.

Recent growth in property prices in Sydney and Melbourne mean that space in the inner city has never been at such a premium and the most cost effective solution may well be to utlise cheap mobile storage solutions and order a Smartbox!

Our storage is not just convenient, it is also secure. We offer a wide range of packaging products to help you safely secure your belongings and we can supply you with 2 padlocks for your storage unit. When the Smartbox is packed, simply lock it and you keep the key. Read about the exciting growth in the Australian self storage market here in an interesting article published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Smartbox is also ideal for commercial storage. It is the cheap storage answer for securing office products, old records, office equipment and supplies without taking up the needed space in your office. Our Smartboxes are constructed with heavy-duty wood, which allows for air, unlike steel boxes. Your items are protected from extreme temperature and humidity. One Big Box Smartbox can easily hold the furniture and belongings of a two-bedroom house.

The Smartbox is delivered in a lockable, aluminium trailer that resembles a moving truck. This keeps your belongings protected from all weather conditions while parked at your location. The trailer is locked into place with a tow ball lock and a wheel clamp until we pick it up.

Whether you are moving, renovating or need cheap storage space, Smartbox is the favoured provider of storage solutions in the Sydney and Melbourne area. Along with low costs to you, we offer a free seven day pick-up and delivery of your Smartbox to most areas, as well as free seven day access to Smartbox at our secure facility. We also offer discounted rates for all packaging and storage supplies if you need them for packing breakables. Our facilities are secure and monitored 24/7, and you are guaranteed that your storage rates will never increase. We are a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia so you can be sure our self storage facilities meet the highest standards when it comes to security and protection of your valuable items.

Our Smartbox storage rates begin at $3.30 per day. A minimum charge of one month storage applies. We are located at Greenacre in Sydney and Footscray in Melbourne.