Its getting cooler and Winter is just around the corner. What a great time to de-clutter and start packing. Take advantage of our complimentary May Mover Packing Starter Kit available to all Smartbox 'smarties' booking a Smartbox delivery service during the month of May.

Packing Starter Kits consist of 5 book cartons, 3 moving bags, roll of packing tape and a heavy duty padlock valued at $45.

Simply head to our Instant Quote tool, select a Packing Starter Kit from the list of Materials & Services to your Smartbox quote and apply the special discount code YES to receive the Packing Starter Kit free of charge. Its that simple.


Smartbox's mobile self-storage solution saves you time, hassle and money compared with conventional self storage facilities. Smartbox also has advantages that you won’t find with other mobile self-storage companies:

Efficient delivery and pick up of your Smartbox to most metro areas.

Our Smartboxes are delivered and collected to and from your home or business within the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas. Our delivery and pickup services operate 6 days a week and are we provide flexible 2 hour time window estimates to allow you to be prepared.

Free access to your Smartbox at our secure facility.

What's the point of storage if you can't access it when you need to add or retrieve items. We encourage you to access your Smartbox as often as you wish and we'll welcome you with complimentary tea or coffee upon arrival. There is no charge to access your Smartbox, we just need 24 hours notice so we can place your Smartbox into our Smartbay area within the warehouse which will give you a safe and adequate working space to unload and sort through your stored items. Our storage retrieval service is available every weekday from 9am - 4pm or else by special arrangement.

No hidden charges (like cleaning fees, difficult access charges, admin fees and fuel surcharges).

Your Smartbox will be delivered in a clean condition and we don't charge hidden cleaning or admin fees when you decide you don't need your Smartbox any more. The same goes for nasty additional self storage costs some removalists charge such as difficult access charges or fuel or toll surcharges. We're all about being upfront and this is reflected in our easy to understand storage agreements.

Heavy duty, fully enclosed, breathable wooden boxes to protect your belongings.

Our Smartboxes are built from structural plantation pine timber which is breathable, resulting in a much lower risk of mould or condensation building up in the storage unit. Our warehouses are regularly treated for pest and vermin control.

Easy access ramp to load and unload your belongings.

Our Smart trailers include and extended easy access ramp to ensure ease of access when loading and unloading your Smartbox. This is particularly useful if you wish to use of our rental trolleys to assist with heavy items.

What not to put in your Smartbox!

You MUST NOT store anything in your Smartbox that is:

  • Liquid
  • Explosive
  • Poisonous
  • Perishable
  • Dangerous or hazardous
  • Flammable
  • Corrosive
  • Illegal or irreplaceable

Such items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Firearms and/or ammunition
  • Fuels / oils
  • Food (including food stored in glass jars)
  • Insecticides
  • Liquid bleach
  • Live animals
  • Live plants
  • Matches / candles / lighters
  • Paints / varnishes
  • Paint thinners
  • Perishable goods
  • Propane

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The Smartbox comes in a fully covered, lockable aluminium trailer (similar to a house-moving truck). This ensures the Smartbox and your belongings inside are fully protected from all weather conditions and secure while parked at your home. We’ll lock the Smartbox trailer with padlocks, a tow ball lock and one wheel clamp on the trailer.

Wheel Lock
Locked orange bag

You have up to one day (24 hours) to pack your Smartbox. When you are ready, contact us and we’ll come and collect it.

You lock your Smartbox with padlocks (purchase from Smartbox or supply your own) and keep the key. You are the only key-holder.

Accessing your Smartbox storage unit

There are two easy options for accessing your Smartbox:

We bring your Smartbox storage unit to you.

  • We can deliver your full Smartbox to your place so you can access it (a delivery charge will apply for this service).
  • You contact us and arrange a time to have your Smartbox delivered.
  • We will require your name, your account password and proof of identity to deliver your Smartbox to you.
  • You will require your padlock keys to unlock your Smartbox.
  • You have up to 24 hours to access your Smartbox before we collect it and take it back to our secure warehouse.

You come to us and access your Smartbox in our customer access SmartBay.

  • You contact us (please give at least 24 hours notice) and arrange a time to visit your Smartbox.
  • We will need to see proof of your identity and password.
  • Your Smartbox will be parked in our dry, well lit unloading area (‘SmartBays’).
  • You will need to bring your padlock keys to unlock your Smartbox.

The Smartbox storage facility

Are modern, secure storage facilities located in Sydney and Melbourne, which under 24 hour security monitoring and protection.

You want value!

✔ Smartbox is the cheapest mobile self storage per cubic metre.

You want to choose your delivery date!

✔ Smartbox has no scheduled suburb runs – your Smartbox is delivered when you require it.

You want to know if your items will fit!

✔ Smartbox only advertise our internal measurements – so you will be certain if your valuables will fit.

You don’t want hidden costs!

✔ Smartbox have NO hidden charges, like fuel and toll costs.

You want a socially responsible company!

✔ Smartbox self storage units are made from sustainable wood.

You don’t want your valuables to come back mouldy, crusty or dusty!

✔ Smartbox self storage units are made of breathable wood, so your items will return as you packed them.

You don’t want double, sometimes triple handling of your unit!

✔ Smartbox have manoeuvrable trailers that can fit in any driveway or right outside your door. Your unit stays in the trailer until it is safely in our warehouse (not forklifted on and off trucks).

You don’t want your unit dumped on a sidewalk, exposed to risks!

✔ Your unit is kept in a weatherproof, lockable trailer with an easy access ramp.

You don’t want to pay accessing fees!

✔ Smartbox has FREE warehouse access during business hours.

You want all your storage needs in one place!

✔ Smartbox has all of your packaging needs.

You don’t want to pay for expert advice!

✔ Smartbox offers free in-home assessments to help better assess your storage needs.

You want someone who cares for your valuables more than you do!

✔ At Smartbox – we care more.

You want the backing of Australia's largest moving & storage company.

✔ Grace: Always More