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Boxed up in Doncaster but dreaming of Dublin?

COVID-19 has certainly grounded the movers and shakers of Melbourne, and while a day window shopping at Doncaster Westfield, a treat at the Pancake Parlour, or that dream of trip to Dublin are no longer the same – all this time at home has surely spurred a desire to make some changes around your house or unit! If you are renovating, downsizing or moving to a new place but storage space poses a challenge - Never fear, Smartbox is here!

Smartbox is Australia’s best value mobile self-storage solution that can be delivered directly to your door at Doncaster, or anywhere in Melbourne. Our service is completely contact-free, and you can pack at your own pace while maintaining safe social distancing. Once you've packed your Smartbox storage container and locked the door, hang on to the padlock. Our Smartbox team will arrange pickup of the secure storage module and store it within a storage facility in Melbourne.

Smartbox is the storage option for those seeking flexibility as well as space.

A Smartbox secure and mobile self-storage module is available in two container sizes to cater to your packing needs. A wide range of specialised packing materials is available to purchase through the Smartbox website and to ensure that you have everything you need for an efficient pack. These storage materials will arrive at your door with the secure self-storage pod if ordered at the same time. If you do require the extra helping hand, packing and loading services are available with your Smartbox booking, and can be added to your quote with the use of our friendly “Instant Quote and Book” tool found here.

The best thing about self-storage with Smartbox, is that storage retrieval is free. What that means for you is should you need to access your belongings, call ahead to let the team at Smartbox know. The mobile storage container will be ready for you to access at a suitable pre-arranged time during warehouse opening hours.

The easy secure module can be stored for any pre-determined period - whether it's a week, a month, or 10 years! You can contact the friendly Smartbox team to chat about your secure self-storage needs on 1300 880 800. We’ll be happy to look after your secure self-storage module while you renovate, downsize or finally take that holiday trip to Ireland - and bring it back to Doncaster at a date that suits you.

Go on, think outside the box and get smart about mobile self-storage!

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8 reasons Doncaster loves Smartbox

Smartbox mobile self-storage is the ultimate self-storage convenience.

Fully enclosed trailers

We only use enclosed, weatherproof, secure fibreglass trailers to deliver our Smartboxes to your home. This means the Smartbox mobile storage unit can be parked, locked in place and positioned in your street without a council permit.

Multiple storage box sizes

Whatever the situation, Smartbox can accommodate your storage needs no matter how big or small. Smartboxes are available in a range of portable storage unit sizes ranging from our entry level 7 cubic metre Baby Box through to our 11 cubic metre Standard Box, finishing up with our 20 cubic metre Super Box (available in Sydney only).

Secure storage warehouse

All Smartboxes are securely stored within a modern, pest-controlled warehouse storage environment with restricted and supervised access and protected by monitored alarm and patrol systems and recorded CCTV surveillance.

Loading and packing options

If the thought of packing boxes and loading your own Smartbox is not your thing, we offer professional loading and packing services to do the heavy lifting for you and ensure the contents of your Smartbox are securely and efficiently packed and stowed for safe transportation and long term storage.

Huge range of packing materials

We stock an extensive range of quality removalist boxes, durable mattress and protective upholstery covers, bubble wraps, packing paper, tape and marking pens which can be purchased and delivered to you with your Smartbox or free of charge beforehand for orders over $100. We also sell or rent protective furniture blankets.

Free and unlimited storage access

Unlike many of our storage competitors Smartbox does not charge for a storage retrieval, so if you need to access your belongings whilst they are in storage, just let us know and we’ll make your Smartbox available for you to sort through at your leisure during warehouse hour.

Eliminate double

One of the many advantages Smartbox has over traditional self-storage units is we do away with the need to double handle your belongings both into and out of storage. We also remove the need to hire a truck or engage removalists to bring your items into storage.

Ultimate mobile storage solution

Smartbox provides a convenient, secure and cost-effective short-term storage solution for home or business renovations. A Smartbox portable storage unit is also ideal for home sellers looking to declutter prior to sale or move.