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Benefits of using self-storage units for businesses

April 8, 2021
If you lack office space, but the rental for new premises is too expensive, then storage units are the ideal option. More often, moving premises is more than expensive rental costs.
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Make the most of the Easter Break with your family

March 29, 2021
Children need to have a sense of belonging and to feel loved.  Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to connect with family and develop those strong bonds that will last for a
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Health and Well-being Benefits of Decluttering

March 9, 2021
Decluttering has many benefits, but the most important are the ones they have on your health and well-being. Decluttering reduces stress and anxiety. Trying to locate items in a disorganised home
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Shoes always tell a story

February 24, 2021
Most of us have different shoes for different occasions like sneakers for running, sandals and flipflops for summer and boots for winter. While your stash may not be anything like Imelda
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Year of the Ox – Time to Spark Joy

February 12, 2021
Giving makes you feel good A new year is a time for new resolutions and decluttering your home is always on top of everyone’s list of new year resolutions. Donating items
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A guide to packing and labelling your boxes for storage

February 9, 2021
Things you will need: Packing boxes Packing tape Coloured peel & stick labels Permanent marker pens Bubble wrap, shredded paper and/or packing foam (Styrofoam) Scissors or box cutter (Stanley knife) Get
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Tips for decorating your spare room before renting

February 8, 2021
If you plan to rent your spare room, you will need to make it look appealing to attract prospective tenants. Check out your insurance policy before you rent the room to
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SmartBox to the rescue

January 29, 2021
Home Office Dilemma You and the rest of the world have been impacted with COVID-19 but everyone else seems to be coping with having to work from home. This has however
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Halloween storage ideas

October 16, 2020
It's that time of the year again for the creepy and spooky Halloween dress-ups, decorations and treats. The shops and malls are filled with eerie-sistible decorations, loads of freaky treats and fun-filled ideas.  But
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Clear the House Before you Renovate

October 1, 2020
Renovations and additions can improve the liveability and sustainability of your home with careful planning, thoughtful design and a considerate choice of builder.  Renovating the house is no small feat so it’s important that
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