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Are you in Parramatta dreaming of Paris?

The prevalence of COVID-19 has certainly made it difficult for the movers and shakers to head out and enjoy Sydney to its full potential, and the chances of heading overseas for a well-deserved holiday are negligible for a little while. While a relaxing stroll through Parramatta Park or citywide views over a cocktail at Nick and Nora’s are a great way to pass the COVID blues – surely the additional time at home has spurred a desire to make some changes to your immediate environment. If you are moving home, renovating or downsizing and lack of storage space poses a challenge – Never fear, Smartbox is here!

What is Smartbox? We’re glad you asked.

Smartbox is Australia’s best value mobile self-storage solution for those that prefer to pack their own valuables, while maintaining the assurance that goods are stored securely. Once you’ve ordered your Smartbox, the rest is easy.

The Smartbox trailer will arrive ready to be packed at your own pace. Once you are done packing, lock the door, and let us know when you’re ready so we can pick it up and store securely within our secure storage facility in Sydney.

Smartbox secure and mobile self-storage offers flexible storage options and plans. A wide range of specialised packing materials is available to purchase with your Smartbox through our instant “quote and book” tool. These will arrive at your door with the secure self-storage container to ensure you have everything you need to get started. The Smartbox storage container pods are available in three sizes, and the team offers loading and packing options for those considering the extra helping hand instead of a contact-free storage solution.

The best thing about self-storage with Smartbox, is that storage retrieval is free!

What that means is should you need to access your belongings, call ahead to let the team at Smartbox know. You will be able to arrange a time to access your goods at the Sydney storage facility. Once you arrive, you will find your secure storage module ready to access. Smartbox is the mobile storage option for those seeking flexibility as well as space.

The easy secure module can be stored for a week, a month or 10 years! Do not delay, pick up your mobile phone and let our team know by calling 1300 880 800.  We’ll be happy to look after your secure self-storage module while you move, renovate, downsize or finally take off to France on that extended overseas holiday - and bring it back to Parramatta at a date that suits you.

Go on, think outside the box and get smart about mobile self-storage!

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