Packing Tips

Read these great tips to keep your belongings safe during transport and storage and save space.

  • Good packing and padding are key when moving your belongings. It’s much cheaper to get good packaging than to replace things that break. We sell a range of packing supplies to help you which can be collected from our storage facility in Sydney or Melbourne, or delivered to you. See our boxes and supplies range, purchase it online or call us on 1300 880 800.
  • Please use the loading ramp supplied to load your belongings into your Smartbox. This is stored under the SmartTrailer for you to place over the ramp lock on the SmartTrailer.
  • Plan your loading before you start. It will be quicker and less tiring for you and safer for your belongings.
  • Start loading your Smartbox with heavy appliances and load them on the floor against the far wall of your Smartbox. Put further heavy items on the floor toward the rear of the Smartbox where the sign states “please store heavy items here”. Save the space above for lighter items.
  • Furniture should be up off the floor. Long pieces of furniture (e.g. sofas and tables) can be stored along the sides of the Smartbox. If they are small enough they can be stood on end and anchored into place with other large, heavy items.
  • Ensure lighter items and boxes marked “fragile” are stored on top and secure them using bungies or ties to the eyelets inside the Smartbox. Load all your belongings as tightly as reasonably possible to reduce shifting, rubbing and puncturing during transit.
  • When packing your Smartbox, be generous with moving pads, blankets and padding and place cardboard under anything that may be scuffed or soiled by moving directly on the floor of the Smartbox.
  • Remember to use pillows, stuffed toys and moving pads as well as additional bubble wrap or padding to fill all gaps and spaces.
  • Remember to padlock your Smartbox on the two latches provided before you close the SmartTrailer!

There are also some items which you are prohibited from storing in a Smartbox. You can see our list of prohibited items, or you can contact us for more information about prohibited items.

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